SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — Cracked teeth, loose fillings, and lost crowns are frightening and costly ways to an emergency trip to the dentist.

Dentists say every year emergency dentistry treatments spike the night after Halloween with people needing restorative dental care and more.

Dr Karen Hake is a pediatric dentist who performs emergency dental services.

“Well, we see a couple of things. Mostly we see little silver crowns come up with those sticky, sticky candies. And so we just have to resubmit them. Sometimes the candies actually stuck on the grounds we have to clean that off. And occasionally affiliates will come out if they bite something really hard,” says Dr. Hake.

Dr. Hake says she loves to celebrate Halloween and loves to see children doing the same thing.

“I mean they’re really good but they can pull off our dental work in order to prevent getting cavities. Candy is good all in moderation. I usually recommend if you’re going to give them the candy to eat, do it at a mealtime. And then after mealtime, try not to snack we get these cavities when we’re eating sugar and carbohydrates all day long.”

Dr. Hake wants to remind people that the sugar from candies is not the only threat to your teeth, carbohydrates are too.

She suggests eating sugars and carbs in moderation to prevent cavities and to remember to brush your teeth twice a day.