RINGGOLD, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – On September 27th a vicious dog attack took place in Ringgold, La.  Thirty-year-old Devyta Gray was attacked by at least five dogs on Pine Street.  His aunt LaKeyshia Brown says Devyta was taking a pair of shoes to the home of his friend. 

Charlotte Hubbard is the homeowner where the dogs were located, they are her son’s dogs.  She said she heard the dogs and went to investigate.  She said Tay, as he is called was being attacked and he called out to her by the nickname Granny, saying, “Granny help me they are going to kill me.”

Hubbard says she grabbed a sledgehammer to try to beat the dogs off of him, but it broke, she then ran inside to call 911, however, Gray’s family disputes that account saying a neighbor called 911 and they feel Hubbard did not do everything she could.

Gray had over one hundred dog bites mostly to his arms.  He had to have five surgeries to save his arm from amputation.  His aunt says he will never be the same happy-go-lucky person that he always was.

Devyta is now in rehab. 

Ringgold Police Chief Freddie Peterson admits the city has a stray dog problem and has a hard time enforcing dog laws because the parish lacks an animal control department.  But he told NBC 6 he feels the attack was an isolated incident and that citizens should feel safe.

The dogs are in quarantine until the investigation is complete, the police chief says what will happen to the dogs is up to a judge.  Ringgold has a leash law and charges could be filed at the end of the investigation.

Lakeyshia Brown-James says wants her nephew’s life to mean more than the lives of the dogs.  She says they have proven they are vicious, and they should have already been taken care of. She added Gray would love to move to Texas to be with his dad once he finishes rehab, he no longer wants to live in Ringgold or Louisiana.