The search for answers continues after a woman was caught on cell phone video using the restroom, in public, on the grounds of the Caddo Parish courthouse.
Commissioners propose installing a public restroom. Today the public weighed in. The long range planning committee  held an open discussion between commissioners and the citizens of Shreveport, to come up with a public restroom solution. 

$134,000 solution to prevent people from defecating on the Caddo courthouse lawn.That was the hot topic at today’s long range planning committee meeting.

“I share in the compassion and decency to provide a public facility, but I don’t think the Caddo parish courthouse property is the place for it,” said Feico Kempff citizen.

The committee proposed using money from the general fund to place a Portland Loo in front of the courthouse. It’s a stainless steel restroom with a single toilet and water for washing and drinking.

 “The proposition of a public bathroom, I believe will just create burdens that we do not even foresee it at this present time,” said Liz Swaine, from the downtown development authority says downtown property managers and owners prefer homeless outreach instead of a public bathroom. “We love to see the parish partner with such an organization such as hope to really affect a positive change.”

 Commissioner Mario Chavez says the committee will continue looking for creative solutions to the problem.

“I think obliviously, I agree with the citizens I don’t want a bathroom on the courthouse grounds itself, however that is the area we are in charge of downtown,” said Chavez.

The commissioners did table the ordinance for another 90 days to do more research.