SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Summer is approaching and that means longer days, warmer temperatures, and the potential for an increase in juvenile crime, according to the Shreveport Police Department.

SPD Public Information Officer, Cpl. Christopher Bordelon says there tends to be a rise in property offenses when kids are out late at night.

He says there is an increase in vehicle burglaries during the summer and urges residents to lock their car doors before they enter their homes. Bordelon also warns that residents should be aware of their surroundings during daylight.

“Lock your cars, do not leave your keys in your car because we are seeing most of our vehicle thefts now are occurring because people leave their keys in their vehicles.”

Bordelon understands that people tend to have forgetful moments but he says those moments make it easy for thieves.

Last, but not least, Bordelon says anyone who carries a firearm in their car should bring it inside.