Prayer fills the park of a Shreveport neighborhood still reeling from a recent deadly shooting.

It kicks off the “Pastors on Patrol’s” monthly program where they will meet with people in the community to unite around prayer.

The city-wide vigil was held Thursday evening across from Booker T. Washington High School in the Lakeside neighborhood. The Chief of Police spoke and shared in the worship.

“It shows that we care number one and that our faith should go beyond the walls of whatever church we are a member of or attend. That the work is actually in the street,” said Alan Crump, Shreveport Police Chief.

The event is organized by a division in the department called the Pastors on Patrol. Those officers meet with families during good times and times of tragedy. They reach out to families who lost loved ones to gun violence. 

“Especially when different tragic things happen we’re there to offer counseling, support, just to show a face from the laity of the city, from the pastors of the city, just to let the people know the we’re citizens as well and when they suffer, we suffer,” said Montrell Whitaker, Pastor on Patrol.

Thursday’s kick-off was organized by Debra Kelly who said she hit the streets beforehand to get the word out and try and get people involved. 

“The police department has a stigma across the country of having a negative outlook but we try to bring the focus between the police department and community to be that of a positive one,” said Kelly, Pastor on Patrol.

Local churches also coming together to promote a safer city. 

“Our city has problems and there’s only one answer to those problems and that’s Jesus Christ,” said Edward Simpson, New Life Tabernacle Church.

About a dozen people attended and stood hand-in-hand with police. 

“God said it just takes a remnant. Just a few people and in their one mind and one accord, then God answers that prayer,” said Jeannie Simpson, New Life Tabernacle Church.

This will be a monthly event. Different police pastors will plan a community gatherings each month targeting areas of crime.