SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Local hospitals in Shreveport seem to not mind the vaccine mandate President Joe Biden has ordered from employers with 100 or more workers during Thursday’s press conference.

In fact, Ochsner LSU Health started a mandatory vaccination plan of their own back on August 24.

“By November 1st, if people are not vaccinated then they would not be able to work inside of the various Ochsner facilities,” says Dr. Charles Fox, the chief medical officer at Ochsner LSU Health.

The last day for their employees to be fully vaccinated and to show proof is on October 29. And if they fail to oblige, they will be placed on leave with a 30-day grace period to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The COVID-19 vaccine has been proven safe and effective, and we support the decision to require hospitals and other healthcare facilities to vaccinate their staff,” an Ochsner LSU Health statement reads.

 “Data shows that vaccination prevents COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and as a leader in healthcare we have an obligation to do our part to end this pandemic and eliminate unnecessary risk to our patients. President Biden’s recent announcement regarding mandatory vaccines further supports this position, and Ochsner LSU Health will continue to comply with all legal requirements.”

Of all Ochsner Health employees, which includes hospitals all over the state, 78 percent are vaccinated.

Biden even commended Louisiana on its recent vaccination rate.

“Louisiana has seen a 212 percent increase in the average number of newly vaccinated people in that state per day. Going from 3,600 to over 11,000 people vaccinated per day,” he said.

Fox says Biden has his head in the right place with the vaccine mandate, adding it could help the country avoid a fifth wave of infections.

“So as more and more folks get vaccinated, we’ll eventually get out of the phases, and the number being hospitalized and the number of people unfortunately dying will go down dramatically too.”