Neighbors in part of the Southern Hills neighborhood can sleep a little more peacefully tonight after police caught two burglary suspects on Burson drive.

A tight-knit community became even tighter after neighbors caught two burglars breaking into a home just before noon Monday.

Neighbor says, “my wife came out heard the suspects kicking the front door in.”

They called 9-1-1 and when police arrived… The suspects took off running in different directions.

The neighbors heard a gun shot… But it wasn’t from police.

“Grabbed my pistol check my property,” the neighbor said.

When checking his property he found one of the suspects in his backyard bushes.

“I told him don’t move or i will shoot and he didn’t move.”

He said police showed up shortly after that.

the neighbor says, “the adrenaline, just fear you know for the safety of my wife not necessarily myself …But uh just trying to protect everything.”

Police arrested the suspects Tarodganey Sumner and Calvin Horton.

The owners of the burglarized home were not home when it happened.

Josh Burson, homeowner says “it’s a god send that we weren’t here whenever they got here because if they would of been in the house when we got here there’s no telling what could have happened.”

Josh Burson says they messed up his home but they didn’t steal anything.

He says he doesn’t know if it the house will feel like a home again.

“Feel a little violated from the simple fact somebody coming into your home that you know thats your sanctuary and for somebody to come in to that place and take that from you … Its not … Its unnerving … It’s not anything anybody should have to experienc,” Burson said.

Police have connected the burglars to the Atlantic street burglaries but are still investigating if there is a connection to the burglaries where the animals were killed.