“It just shook the floor.  All the merchandise on the wall shook.”

Juanita Ballard was sitting at a desk inside her husband’s store when a 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit near Timpson, TX Tuesday morning. 

“We glared at one another and went outside, we thought an 18 wheeler had, had a wreck.”

Aaron Davis, a meteorologist intern at the National Weather Service in Shreveport estimates there have been seven earthquakes near Shelby County within the past ten years.

He says, “Typically what you see in that area are smaller earthquakes, ranging from 2.0 to 4.5 ish on the Richter scale.”

Five years ago, on Labor Day this happened:

John Tutt describes how all at once, everything started shaking and moving and that’s how he knew it was an earthquake. 

They say just the year before that in 2012 a string of earthquakes were felt in east Texas.

It’s an experience many in the small town of Timpson won’t ever get used to, but fortunately no injuries were reported this time around.