The minutes leading up to Thursday’s fatal shooting in Caddo Heights shooting were captured on Facebook Live.

The victim is identified as Rannita Williams. The suspect, Johnathan T. Robinson, is facing second degree murder charges.

Facebook pulled the video down, but it was shared to our newsroom. 

It appears that Robinson was forcing Williams to do the Facebook Live to offer an apology. What the apology was for is unclear. 

We are only showing a portion of the live stream. 

Below is the transcription of the entire Facebook Live:

Williams: Hey y’all this Nunu.

Williams: I apologize for Josh going live on Rica.

Williams: I ain’t have no business doing all that.

Williams: My page been blocked , so that’s why I’m going live.

Williams: Yes I know I was wrong.

Williams: I ain’t have no business going off like that, but.

Robinson: sit right there, everyone wants to be famous, I’m make you famous.

Williams: Yes

Robinson: What?

Williams: I am sorry y’all.

Williams:  This Nunu, I’m blocked off my page.  So I had to go online on —– phone.

Williams:  I ain’t had no attentions to going live like that. I apologize to everybody.

Willimas:  Yes

Robinson: What?

Williams speaking on phone:  No I huh?

Caller: Nunu, Nunu, Nunu!

Williams:  Yes, that’s her.

Robinson: No

Williams: Yes, yes aunt Lola.

Williams:  Yes, yea Rica.

Williams:  Yea she on the phone.

Williams: Yea

Robinson:  You think I’m worried about the police, right now?

Robinson:  Huh? You really think I’m worried about the police right now? Huh? You think I’m worried about the police right now?  Tell tell tell ya b—- I ain’t worried about now fucking police ya heard?

Williams:  Mhmm

Robinson: B—- don’t play with me.  I wish they would pull up right now! Pull up!

Williams:  Ok

Robinson: Pull up!

Williams:  She, no, I was just.  I apologize, cause I couldn’t go live on my phone. My phone, my my page is blocked.

Robinson:  B—- wanna be famous? I’mma make a  ************ famous!!

Williams:  No

Robinson: Wanna be famous, I’mma make you famous!

Williams: No

Robinson: Everybody wanna be famous , let’s be famous today.

Williams: Ok

Robinson:  Huh, I do.

Williams: Yes 

Robinson: inaudible

Williams: No


Robinson: B—- don’t.


Williams: Stop Johnathan, stop Johnathon.


Robinson: Now b—-, game over.  Game over. B—-.