IDA, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A mom experiences something no parent should have to, but she put panic aside and acted fearlessly to save her children.

Taylor Shaw was in her kitchen Monday night when a storm came through. Her two sons were asleep in their bedrooms. She was on the phone with her sister-in-law when she said there was a loud frightening crash.

“As soon as I stood up to look out the window the whole house shook like a bomb went off. Everything moved and all I could hear was this horrible, horrible crashing sound,” Shaw said.

The crashing sound coming from her son’s bedroom.

“I opened the door and saw the damage and I immediately knew that the tree had fallen. I just started screaming oh dear God please let my babies be okay. Please let my babies be okay,” Shaw said.

She saw wreckage all around. But she did not think about it. Only about her children and did not hesitate.

“I crawled around that drywall. From there I just don’t remember anything. It’s like time slowed down. Then I was able to turn my flashlight on at some point on my phone and saw my son in the crib to the left underneath all of that. My two-year-old son was in the crib there where you see all of the broken beams and part of the tree trunk. My four-year-old was underneath that,” Shaw said.

She was able to get to her two-year-old first, but, “I thought I lost my four-year-old because I didn’t hear him and I couldn’t see him. But he came out from around a piece of the drywall,” Shaw said.

After crawling through the chaos she saw her back window as a way out.

“I remember slinging the window open. I grabbed my four-year-old and held him under his arms and I tried to lean him out of the window as far as I could until I couldn’t reach anymore. Then dropped him and he was okay. He jumped back up. I remember thinking in my head, if I’m going to have to drop the two-year-old I’m going to have to put something down,” Shaw said. “So I remember throwing the pillows out of the window, holding him, and he managed to hold on to the only thing he actually likes which is his blankey. He managed to hold on to that somewhere. I climbed out of the window first. I decided I wasn’t going to drop him because he’s so small. I came out of the window first. I had one hand on him and one hand dangling from the window frame. I grabbed him, pulled him my chest, and just fell straight back.”

All this while she says she screamed at her oldest son to stay put outside.

“My oldest son who is Autistic and nonverbal, “Please baby don’t go anywhere. It’s okay. It’s okay.” and he was on the porch waiting for me. Unscathed. Barely a bruise has shown up on either of them. It is a God-given miracle,” Shaw said.

Her sister-in-law had called 911 after hearing Taylor’s screams when it all started and first responders quickly arrived to help.

A giant tree now hangs over the home her family has lived in for the past six years. But that does not matter to Taylor. Her sons are safe because of their brave mom’s quick thinking.

“You can absolutely do things you never imagined you can do in those types of scenarios. Your body finds the strength. You would not believe how much you can do when you realize even though you are in a panic. You’re still mom and you’re still going to get it done,” Shaw said.

Taylor said she has home insurance and they are waiting on the adjuster to see the damage. A tree company is coming tomorrow to clear the tree. She and her sons are staying with family nearby. She said Ida is a small, tight-knit community so she has a lot of support. She is not asking for donations, but her sons lost all their clothes that night, and would accept clothes for them if anyone wants to help.