SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Contractors who will be bulldozing the Fair Grounds Field released more details on how the public can take a piece of history once demolition begins.

Henderson Construction is already receiving numerous requests to place items aside from the stadium on the Louisiana State Fair Grounds. They say they’re still working out the details but expect to schedule one or two days in September for people to pick up the requested items.

“We haven’t been able to keep up with the calls, but they have been coming in since last week. We’ve had about maybe over 40-50 calls,” said Project Manager Ida Henderson.

She says they’ve received requests for benches, lighting, signage, and more. One of their primary concerns is keeping everyone safe in the process.

“It will take some work from our end to pull those items because we do not want anyone going inside and have the potential to get hurt.”

The company took on a similar project in Lafayette with the demolition of the old planetarium. Henderson says the public was interested in taking home the gold panels inside.

“(It was) similar to the public here. They were sad to see the building come down, but they did want a piece of the history, and they were allowed to go in and take memorabilia from there.”

Those interested in claiming items from the stadium can reach out to demolition contractor Henderson Construction at 318-861-0512.

Removing the bats from the stadium begins Monday. Demolition is expected to get underway once the bats are removed, and by September 6 at the latest.