The Louisiana Supreme Court has thrown out the guilty verdict and death penalty sentence for a man convicted in the March 2010 slaying of a 12-year-old boy.

The high court overturned the 12-member DeSoto Parish jury’s April 2, 2014, unanimous decision to convict Brian Horn in the March 2010 death of Justin Bloxom and remanded the case back to DeSoto Parish Court for a new trial.

Horn appealed his conviction and sentence with the Supreme Court in January, citing some 70 errors.

A press release issued today from the Louisiana Supreme Court states:

”Finding merit in defendant’s assignment of error asserting a violation of his Sixth Amendment right to counsel, we vacate defendant’s conviction and sentence and remand this matter to the district court for a new trial. DEFENDANT’S CONVICTION AND SENTENCE ARE VACATED; REMANDED TO THE DISTRICT COURT FOR A NEW TRIAL”