KEITHVILLE, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world is giving the public an opportunity to tour their facility this summer.

Chimp Haven is a nonprofit organization that routinely welcomes retired chimpanzees, many of which were used for medical research, and helps them to live happily during their golden years.

This image of a playful chimp at the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world, located in Keithville, Louisiana, is courtesy of Chimp Haven’s website.

The 200-acre sanctuary of forested lands near Shreveport is home to more than 300 chimpanzees, including many chimps that retired from medical research. Because of Chimp Haven, they are able to live out their lives in comfort while having their needs attended to by caring humans.

The facility boasts dynamic habitats, including natural forests. The chimpanzees eat fresh fruits and vegetables and live “the chimp life” in large families.

It is rare for animal sanctuaries to grant public entry, as animal care is usually their top priority. But Chimp Haven offers private tours for travelers who want an in-depth tour of the sanctuary.

“Visiting Chimp Have is a unique experience, and we are excited to have this year-round option,” says Rana Smith, Chimp Have President and CEO.

Private tours are available this summer for a minimum tax-deductible donation of $500 for up to six guests age 7 and older.

Tours can be scheduled for weekdays during normal business hours. They typically last two hours and take place outdoors. To submit a private tour request, visit Chimp Haven’s website.

Virtual tours also are also available for those unable to travel to the sanctuary here.