(KTAL/KMSS) — Over 700,000 vaccinated people in Louisiana have registered for a Shot at a Million and the Louisiana Department of Health has conducted the first drawing for a cash prize of $100,000.

According to LDH, there are 712,294 registrants for Shot at a Million as of Wednesday, July 14. The first drawing took place Wednesday as well and officials say they are in the middle of a thorough process to verify the winners.

The announcement date of the winners and the manner of the announcement will be determined depending on the verification timeline. Winners of the cash prize incentives were initially scheduled to be announced every Friday starting July 16.

See the full Louisiana Shot at a Million drawing schedule here.

Louisiana residents aged 12 and up who have received at least the first COVID-19 vaccination are eligible to register for the lottery and cash prizes or college scholarships over a series of weekly prize drawings.

On Tuesday, LDH revealed that the state is seeing an increase in cases — 200 new COVID-19 cases have been reported since May 19. Additionally, out of these cases, 94% were individuals not fully vaccinated.