SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Shreveport City Councilman Alan Jackson shared insights from a recent meeting between city leadership and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as negotiations continue the possibility of Jackson creating content for his film and television empire in Shreveport.

Jackson said in accordance with the city charter, three members met with Jackson to further a deal to lease or purchase Millenium Studios. Jackson said Councilmembers Gary Brooks and Tabatha Taylor joined him for the follow-up meeting.

According to Councilman Jackson, when Curtis Jackson visited Shreveport in late February, he shared that he not only wanted to acquire facilities suitable for creating film and television productions but that he wanted to have an economic impact on the City of Shreveport.

“It’s the spark that we’ve been looking for,” Jackson said.

Councilman Jackson said the entertainment mogul presented the councilmembers with his plan to create content and provide economic development for some of the city’s more impoverished neighborhoods.

“We’re looking at putting together a comprehensive plan that encompasses not only Millenium Studios and Stageworks but also understanding some other opportunities that he wants to bring to the city,” Jackson said.

According to the councilman, Curtis Jackson believes his business investment will inspire others in the industry to see the possibility of growth and profitability in Shreveport.

“The timeframe is really as soon as possible; that’s why he’s (Curtis Jackson) been adamant about making phone calls, setting up meetings. He has team members who are still on the ground meeting with people,” Councilman Jackson said. “So the timeframe is as quickly as we can. Of course, we have to do our due diligence and comb through the projects to see what can and can not be done. Then we would present the city’s plan to him and hope that we can come to a deal.”

Jackson said he feels great about a deal between the city and Curtis Jackson’s many business endeavors. He sees all of the positive publicity the film and tv star was able to conjure with an Instagram post as the first step of changing some of the negative perceptions about Shreveport.