A community meeting was held Monday tonight concerning the death of Anthony Childs who died during an officer involved shooting in February.

The Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office determined Childs shot and killed himself. However Childs’ family and many in the community question the actions of police.

It was a tense meeting at the Winnfield Funeral Home between the community and the police chief and coroner. Many had alot of questions but seemed unhappy with the answers.

“He was not a threat so I’m puzzled with this. He was not a threat. How can make us understand this was the right protocal or procedure . They couldn’t have been. He was no longer a threat was he was rolling on the ground. Why did he fire his gun eight more times when Anthony allegedly shot himself and he’s back on the force,” said Anthony child’s sister.

The coroner said Anthony Childs was shot eight times during a confrontation with Shreveport Police officer Treveion Brooks.

“He came from the cover he had in the vehicle and pulled around to the back of the vehicle and approached Mr. Childs with his TAZER in his hand. You hear the officer yell ‘hey, hey, hey, hey’ and he pulls back around the vehicle to take cover and at that time he drops his TAZER and pulls his gun and yells drop the gun, drop the gun. You hear Mr. Childs yell ‘shoot me’ and there are two shots fired,” said Todd Thoma, Caddo Parish Coroner.

He said during the first two shots, one was Childs shooting himself in the chest. Soot residue was found on his chest and all the witness statements were consistent.

“There were three gunshot wounds to his back and one to that was to the middle of his chest but the concerning part was the shot to his chest was a near gunshot wound. Near contact gunshot wound. Meaning it was fired between one and three inches away from his chest,” Thoma said.

Many were not convinced and question whether the officer’s actions were justified and if police were telling the truth. The chief said Childs had an illegal firearm and he was stopped for sagging which is against city law. 

“He made statement to the other officers, he has a gun, he has a gun, he shot himself, be careful he still has a gun. He was warning other officers. It was obvious in my opinion that he believed that this was a lethal threat,” said Ben Raymond, Shreveport Police Chief.

“You can’t make us believe from the video you showed us that he killed himself,” said Anthony Child’s sister.

The chairman of the local NAACP was there along with a former detective who knew Childs personally. Earlier this year, the District Attorney’s Office declined to review the case because the coroner ruled it a suicide.