The Caddo Parish Commission takes action to bring faster internet service to people. 

The Commission passed a resolution they said streamlines the process and lets people to access 5G instead of 4G.

The resolution allows telecommunications companies to negotiate with the parish administrator to install small cell towers on parish-owned facilities. It upgrades the infrastructure so internet service providers can give people faster speed. 

Commissioner Steven Jackson said the parish’s process is easier and cheaper than the city’s. It bypasses the Metropolitan Planning Commission, hiring any outside consultants and doesn’t require thousands in application fees. 

He said it basically cuts out the middle-man so costs are not handed-down to the consumer. 

“We didn’t go into this to be a money-maker for us and a lot of times you’ll see a city, parish or county will be sort-of cash strapped and look at this as revenue generation. We’re not looking for revenue generation here. We’re looking to be able to deploy the fastest services to citizens of Caddo Parish. It’s no extra cost to us because if we make it more costly for the telecommunications company to install it, they’ll then put that cost on their price and now the residents, consumers will be responsible for paying them,” said Steven Jackson, Caddo Parish Commission District 3.

Jackson said if the parish makes it more costly then companies will charge people more for the service. He said businesses, hospitals and schools could use the 5G towers for better cloud commuting and downloading data. 

He said adding 5G towers can also attract new business, especially tech-companies looking for this kind of infrastructure.

He also said Caddo Parish will lead the way on this initiative as the first Louisiana parish to adopt this kind of resolution. So far, other cities have adopted “smart-city” ordinances, but not parishes.