Steven Jackson saw a recent crime spike in Shreveport as the perfect time to step in to offer help – the city has had three homicides in four days. 

“I see this as our opportunity to step up or hush up,” Jackson said. “There are no quick fixes to this issue.”

The Caddo Parish Commission rejected his help, though. He asked the commission to approve $1 million dollars in help in the form of Shotspotters for Shreveport, a new-age technology to help spot shots fired calls that will pinpoint addresses. 

But, he was met with opposition and the resolution failed. 

“We’ve had a four year old shot in the head, we had a teenager shot in the head… and we had someone last night shot in the head,” said Caddo Commissioner Lyndon Johnson. “I think we need additional law enforcement present. With national guard, state police and the sheriff’s department patrolling our streets in Shreveport.” 

The mayor felt that she needs help with the recent crime spike… but it will happen to come from the city first. 

“The chief all the way down to the more than 530 police officers that patrol our streets every day, they’re working diligently,” said mayor Ollie Tyler. “It is very serious. We are very concerned. We’re not just sitting back and being concerned about it. We’re looking at ways to actually curb that crime.”