BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – More than 130 vendors and food trucks decorated the Louisiana Boardwalk for the fifth annual Bossier City Maker’s Fair.

“It’s the largest gathering of artists and homemade goods really in North Louisiana. We’re fortunate enough to be able to do it twice a year here at the Boardwalk, and we’re just real happy to have everybody turn out,” said the organizer of the fair, Chris Graham.

The fair takes place in the fall and spring with unique, handmade items. Tables were filled with jewelry, woodwork, glassware, seasonal items, personalized designs, and much more.

There was also local food, like Gator on a Stick and boudin, as well as music and pumpkin painting, to welcome everyone in the community.

Two Bossier City residents say they go to the Shreveport and Bossier City farmers’ markets every weekend. Those events inspired them to come to the maker’s fair for the first time. They said that those vendors were here today, and they “had to see their people.”

“We’re all about art, like different peoples’ art and their creativity. I’m drawn to things that people do that I can’t do because I’m a creative soul and I’m a creative person. And if I can’t do it, I definitely want to support somebody who can, said Bossier City resident Lisa Meaux.

Braleigh Allen was one maker at the event. In college, she started a passion project of customizing cups and t-shirts. Now she offers custom jewelry.

“I definitely think if you have an idea or you have a dream to do it, do it. You know the worst thing people can do is not buy it or not support it, but some people, somebody will,” said Braleigh Allen.

Her biggest supporter, her husband Travis Allen, said that events like this should inspire anyone to create art.

“If you find that one thing that you enjoy doing, like if you find a passion for it, then that’s the one thing that you should really work on. And if you have a passion for it other people will see that passion and fall in love with it as well,” said Travis Allen.

By shopping local, not only can you find unique treasures, but you can also support small businesses, families, and people in your own backyard.

“You have people, local people, that you’re probably neighbors with, out here producing these amazing items. They’re selling them. And just to be a part of that and supporting them is just incredible. It’s just like our hearts cry to do that,” said David Meaux.