BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A Bossier City bike shop is seeing more business as gas prices climb and drivers switch to pedal power for a cheaper way to get around.

According to AAA, gas is averaging just over around $4.08 per gallon in the Shreveport-Bossier area. That’s $1.41 more than the average price of $2.67 per gallon one year ago.

Bikes Etc. owner Crayton Cochran says that’s bringing more people into his shop on East Texas Street. Cochran says he has seen about 25% more business over the last month as gas prices continue to rise. And that’s on top of business growing pretty strongly already over the past two years.

“Bike sales were record-breaking in 2020. I won’t lie, we sold more bicycles in 2020 than we’ve ever sold in any year,” said Cochran. “So, on a given year, a good year for us we sell around 250, maybe 300 bikes, but now we’re up to 500.”

Cochran says the rise in gas prices following the pandemic shutdown have given people even more reason to leave the car keys and reach for the bike pedals.

Bicycles in Cochran’s shop can cost anywhere from $50 to about $10,000, but he says they’re still less expensive than maintaining a vehicle.

“You’re not paying insurance fees on that. All the other maintenance comes with having a car. Yes, you have to maintain your bike, but it doesn’t cost near as much.”

Cochran added the warmer temperatures have also been bringing riders out, which in turn brings in more service and repair business.