SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A Shreveport woman is helping foster children across the state by providing them with an overnight bag for their first night in foster care.

“Our primary focus is that first 24 hours. We’re like the 911 assisting DCFS and law enforcement,” said Geaux for Kids founder, K.C. Kilpatrick.

Her non-profit provides bags filled with things children need the first night they are placed into foster care. They’re called Geaux Bags.

“So we have everything that they need, blue bags for boys, green for girls, black for teenagers.”

During the annual Give Back Geaux Pack Event, volunteers packed 1,500 bags in a week.

“It’s a pillow, blanket, back pack, toiletries, water, note of encouragement, snacks, packs of pajamas.”

“The kids that don’t have these certain activities or accessories or have the stuff they need you know for daily life and to be able to brush their hair. come out it hits you differently,” said Geaux Bags volunteer Jonathan Wall.

K.C. Kilpatrick says she started Geaux Bags back in 2013 when she took in foster children who had been rescued by police.

She said they came to her with just the clothes on their backs and a small bag.

“But within that, there was a Winn-Dixie bag that had some items in it and it was a meth pipe,” said Kilpatrick, who says she was angered by that and knew she had to do something about it.

“Those people rescued them and they were doing everything that they could and I thought as the community and as a momma that our children needed to enter foster care and protective custody differently.”

Geaux for Kids now serves more than 7,000 children throughout the state and more than 8,000 children enter into foster care every year.

“These children are the smallest victims of crime. These children did not cause any of these situations, these children need to be rescued and that’s what we focus on.”

Geaux for Kids will be packing bags until Tuesday, November 24. Those interested in volunteering can click here.