SHREVEPORT, LA. (KTAL/KMSS) – Shreveport has an animal rescue like no other, and Steve’s Snaketuary came out of the passion a man has for snakes.

When Steve Kennedy was a child he was fascinated with snakes. His parents were not happy about his interest in snakes. Once Kennedy got married, his wife allowed him to have a snake as a pet, then one turned into two, and into three, and then many more.

Kennedy started to hear about people finding snakes in their homes and businesses, but they were killing the snakes. Instead of letting them be killed, Kennedy asked people to let him catch the snakes so he could release them back into the wild.

Steve says he will also accept pet snakes and other reptiles that people can no longer care for. He only asks for donations when recovering a snake to help care for the animals.

The Snaktuary has its own line of hot sauces names after different snakes with increasing levels of heat. 

This venture also helps care for the animals. They also provide education to the community.

If you are interested in having them come do a presentation or you need a snake captures you can contact them HERE or call 318-525-6241.