SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – 50 Cent’s plans to start making films in Shreveport appear to be moving along as he could be heard in an Instagram livestream mentioning Shreveport while purchasing film equipment at a store in New York.

Beginning around the 2:23 mark of the clip, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson can be heard saying “I’m not renting, I’m buying every single piece of equipment and putting it in my studio.”

Jackson went on to say he plans on renting the equipment out while it is not in use. A store worker then made a joke about Jackson becoming a competitor.

50 Cent responded “It won’t be here, it’ll be in Shreveport.”

Earlier this year, Jackson was seen touring Millennium Studios in Shreveport. Shreveport City Officials later met with Jackson to discuss his possible plans to acquire facilities in Shreveport.

“We’re looking at putting together a comprehensive plan that encompasses not only Millenium Studios and Stageworks but also understanding some other opportunities that he wants to bring to the city,” Shreveport City Councilman Alan Jackson said.

Councilman Jackson said the entertainment mogul presented the councilmembers with his plan to create content and provide economic development for some of the city’s more impoverished neighborhoods.