SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Local brewers have turned their passion for craft beer into thriving businesses.

What was once a Bossier City fire station is now a thriving brewery and pub. The Flying Heart Brewery is also known for its pizza and regular live music performances.

Co-owner Jeffrey Judge says he started brewing his own beer more than ten years ago and that he enjoys experimenting at work.

“From working here. It has blossomed to where the more detailed tastes, flavors you can extract from grains and hops, and yeasts, water profiles. It is endless you can do whatever you want with beer which is great!” said Judge.

This pub sells a special beer named the “Day Wrecker.” It has more than 10 percent alcohol.

“Whatever beer is your favorite you can go on one street and get whatever beer you want and it’s freshly made in Louisiana,” said Judge.

The Seventh Tap Brewing Project, located in Shreveport, had two beers win gold at the U.S. Open Beer Championship in 2023.

Beertender, Ari Mousavizadegan, says the owners started as homebrewers before they opened their brewery, and recently were ranked fourth out of 52 breweries in the state.

“In this area, there are some quality breweries, thankfully I get to work at one of them. The owners are some of the best people I know so for me it’s not coming to work,” said The Seventh Tap Brewery Project’s Beer Tender, Ari Mousavizadegan.

He says, no matter what people like drinking, they have a wide variety of beers from stouts to lagers to sours, and typically have something people will enjoy.

“Beertending, I get to kind of explain things to people if they may not know exactly what they know or like, or want in a beer.   And kind of create connections with them. And just make sure that no matter what – people enjoy their time here and that they have a positive experience” said Mousavizadegan.

“Tap is life.”