SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Voters have rejected all but one of the five bond proposals on the ballot in Shreveport, approving only the $69 million proposition to pay for improvements to the city’s public safety and infrastructure.

In addition to $27.5 million for a new police headquarters, it includes $24.2 million for fire vehicles and equipment, station maintenance and renovations, and the relocation of three fire stations.

Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins was hoping voters would approve the full set of bond proposals totaling $236 million, which included $22 million for technology improvements, $63.2 million for improvements to the city’s water, sewerage and drainage systems, just under $62 million for improvements to streets, bridges, and sidewalks, and $20.5 million for parks and recreation improvements.

Voters rejected a similar set of bond propositions pushed by Mayor Perkins totaling $186 million in November 2019. A new $207 million bond proposal was put off in January over concerns there was not enough time for the public to provide input. A month later, a pair of winter storms hit the region with an arctic blast that hit the city’s water infrastructure hard, leaving thousands of residents without running water for days.

A disappointed Perkins on Saturday night said the city took a step forward with the passing of Proposition 1, but that residents of Shreveport will still be vulnerable going forward with the failure of the other four bond proposals.

“And I really fear from the ones that failed tonight our most vulnerable citizens are going to suffer from this,” Perkins said. “The ones that can quite afford to get their cars repaired when they are riding around on these bumpy roads. The ones that can’t afford to pay for private lessons or private education for their kids and rely on our parks and recreation program.”

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