SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux and the Shreveport City Council took their oaths of office during a public ceremony at the Shreveport Convention Center Saturday morning.

The city swore in its first Republican mayor in more than two decades. He will work alongside a city council as diverse as the city they took the oath to represent.

During his remarks after taking the oath, Arceneaux acknowledged past city leaders in the audience and reinforced his intent to build relationships and even friendships with the city council to ensure that they all stay focused on the critical job at hand – changing the direction of Shreveport.

“We will do the basics in the spirit of excellence,” Arceneaux said in his first speech as Shreveport’s mayor.

Arceneaux is a former member of the Shreveport City Council, representing District C from 1982 – 1990. He also spent time as a city attorney in several municipalities. In an interview with NBC 6, Arceneaux expressed a desire to build relationships with council members and said he’d already met with many of them as he prioritizes his agenda as mayor.

Four newly elected members will join council members Tabatha Taylor (Dist. A), Grayson Boucher (Dist. B), and James Green (Dist. B) for their first meeting as a city council following the ceremony at noon. Outgoing council members Levette Fuller (Dist. B), John Nickelson (Dist. C), and Jerry Bowman (Dist. G) attended their final council meeting 8 a.m. Saturday before the inauguration.

District E councilman Alan Jackson is both a returning member and a newly elected member of the council as he was appointed to the Shreveport City Council by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards after councilman James Flurry resigned from the council.

  • Tom Arceneaux – Mayor of Shreveport
  • Tabatha Taylor – District A
  • Gary Brooks – District B
  • James “Jim” Taliaferro – District C
  • Grayson Boucher – District D
  • Alan Jackson – District E
  • James Green – District F
  • Ursula Bowman -District G

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