SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The ballot is set for Louisiana’s November elections after a three-day period closed Friday afternoon for candidates on the local, state, and federal levels to qualify in their respective races.

In Shreveport, ten candidates filed to run for mayor. Among those challenging incumbent Mayor Adrian Perkins, who qualified Friday, are Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller (D) Dist. B, longtime District 39 state Sen. Greg Tarver, both Democrats, and local attorney and former Shreveport City Councilman Tom Arceneaux, who is a Republican.

Several Shreveport City Council seats are up for grabs, including Fuller’s District B seat and the District C seat John Nickelson announced in April he would not seek to keep. District 6 councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr. is also not seeking re-election. Four candidates have qualified for that seat, including his wife, Ursula Bowman, and Caddo Parish Commissioner Jim Taliaferro.

Alan Jackson is seeking re-election to District E, facing challenges from Caddo Parish School Board President “Tony” Nations and Shreveport entrepreneur and community activist Alvin Ray Oliver.

Three candidates are running for the District 10 seat Nations left up for grabs, and six more of the 12 Caddo Parish School Board seats are contested. Five candidates have joined the race for District 12, where Dottie Bell is running for re-election.

In Blanchard, Mayor Jim Galambos is running unopposed for a second term, but the chief of police job is up for grabs for the first time in more than 30 years after longtime Police Chief Gary Presswood announced he would not seek re-election.

The mayor and police chief are running unopposed in Vivian, but two of the town’s aldermen seats are contested. Both the mayor and the police chief are up for election in Belcher, along with 3 aldermen. Gillam is looking to elect a mayor and three aldermen.

Both the mayor and the police chief are also up for election in Mooringsport.

Among the congressional races in November will be the U.S. Senate race, where Republican incumbent Senator John Kennedy is facing a challenge from 12 candidates, including Democratic challengers Gary Chambers, Luke Mixon, and Syrita Steib.

Kennedy has already received the backing of former President Donald Trump. Mixon has received the endorsement of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

All six Louisiana members of Congress qualified to run for re-election. Congressman Mike Johnson, who represents the 4th Congressional District, was effectively re-elected Friday when qualifying closed without any challengers entering the race for his seat.

A total of 13 candidates are running for U.S. Senator from Louisiana:

U.S. Senator – Louisiana

  • Beryl A. Billiot (I) – Kentwood
  • Gary Chambers, Jr. (D) – Baton Rouge
  • Devin Lance Graham (R) – Gonzalez
  • “Xan” John (Other) – Lafayette
  • John Kennedy (R) – Baton Rouge
  • W. Thomas La Fontaine Olson (No party) – New Orleans
  • Bradley McMorris (I) – Livingston
  • MV “Vinny” Mendoza (D) – Ponchtoula
  • “Luke” Mixon (D) – Bunkie
  • Salvador P. Rodriguez (D) – Tangipahoa
  • Aaron C. Sigler (Libertarian) – Hammond
  • Syrita Steib (D) – Metairie
  • Thomas Wenn (Other) – Amite

Running unopposed on ballots in Caddo Parish in November are:

  • Court of Appeal 2nd Circuit, 3rd District Judge Francis Pittman of Shreveport
  • 1st JDC District Judge Edwin Byrd of Shreveport
  • Caddo Parish Commission Member Dist. 6 Steffon D. Jones (D) of Shreveport

Mayor of Shreveport

Ten candidates filed to run in the Shreveport mayor’s race before Louisiana’s three-day qualifying period came to a close on Friday afternoon.

  • Lauren Ray Anderson (Libertarian)
  • “Tom” Arceneaux (R)
  • Mario C. Chavez (No Party)
  • LeVette Fuller (D)
  • Tracy Mendels (D)
  • Adrian Perkins (D)
  • “Julius” Romano (Independent)
  • Melvin G. “E.” Slack Jr. (R)
  • Gregory Tarver (D)
  • Darryl R. Ware II (D)

Shreveport City Council

Councilman District A, City of Shreveport

Kinsey Montgomery qualified for the Shreveport City Council Dist. A race, but was later disqualified. Tabatha Taylor is now running unopposed for the seat.

  • Kinsey Montgomery (D)- disqualified
  • Tabatha “Tab” Taylor (D) – running unopposed

Councilman District B, City of Shreveport

  • Gary Brooks (D)
  • James Carstensen (R)
  • Craig B. Lee (Independent)
  • Mavice Hughes Thigpen (D)

Councilman District C, City of Shreveport

  • Joseph H. Carstensen (Independent)
  • “Jim” Taliaferro (R)
  • Rebecca Thomas (D)

Councilman District D, City of Shreveport

  • Grayson S. Boucher (R)

Councilman District E, City of Shreveport

  • Alan Jackson (D)
  • “Tony” Nations (R)
  • Alvin Ray Oliver (D)

Councilman District F, City of Shreveport

  • James Edward Green (D)

Councilman District G, City of Shreveport

  • Ursula Bowman (D)
  • Carla D. Buntyn (D)
  • Derrick L. Henderson (D)
  • Antonio Washington (D)

Caddo Parish School Board

Caddo Parish School Board members in five districts are running without opposition:

  • Terence Vinson (District 3)
  • “Don” Little (District 4)
  • Bonita Douzart (District 5)
  • Mary A. Trammel (District 6)
  • Barry Rachal (District 9)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 1

The current representative for District 1, Steve Riall, is not seeking re-election. Candidates vying for that seat are:

  • Kisha Gayle Newsom (R)
  • Steve Umling (R)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 2

  • Jasmine R. Green (D)
  • Orlisa Nash Johnson (D)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 7

District 7 board member Darrin Dixon is facing two opponents in his bid for re-election.

  • Darrin Dixon (D)
  • Linda Rasberry Smith (D)
  • Barbara Smith-Iverson (D)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 8

  • “Mike” Morales (D)
  • Christine Tharpe (R)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 10

  • Jon Shaffer Glover (I)
  • Rodney Jiles (D)
  • Katie McLain (R)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 11

Incumbent District 11 board member John Albritton is facing one opponent.

  • John Albritton (D)
  • Jessica Yeates (R)

Caddo Parish School Board Dist. 12

In District 12, incumbent Dottie H. Bell has four opponents:

  • Carter L. Bedford (D)
  • Dottie H. Bell (D)
  • Barbara Johnson Simpson (D)
  • Joy Sims (No Party)
  • Sheila Crosby Wimberly (D)

Mayor Town of Blanchard

  • “Jim” Galambos (R)

Chief of Police Town of Blanchard

  • Gerald Allen (Independent)
  • Melvin “Gene” Presley (R)

Aldermen Town of Blanchard

5 to be elected:

  • John Fuller (R)
  • “Jeff” Guin (R)
  • Patsy A. Lee (R)
  • Judy Presley (R)
  • “Jimmy” Whittington (R)

Mayor Town of Vivian

  • Ronnie Festavan (R)

Chief of Police Town of Vivian

  • Ryan Nelson (D)

Alderman at Large Town of Vivian

  • Angela Marie Channell (D)
  • Robert T. Green Jr. (D)

Alderman Ward 1, Town of Vivian

  • James Martin (D)
  • Glenn O. Miles (No Party)

Alderman Ward 2, Town of Vivian

  • Denise Alexander (R)

Alderman Ward 3, Town of Vivian

  • Samuel Hodge (D)

Alderman Ward 4, Town of Vivian

  • Raymond Williams (D)

Mayor Village of Belcher

  • Jennifer Fant (R)
  • “Christi” McWhiney (R)

Chief of Police Village of Belcher

  • Major Fant (R)
  • Sam Sparkman (R)

Aldermen Village of Belcher

3 to be elected:

  • Mallory Brantly (R)
  • Catherine Spivey Crain (R)
  • Katy Sparkman Gorum (R)
  • Peter Scurlock (R)
  • David Strahan (D)

Mayor Village of Gilliam

  • David P. Griffin (No Party)
  • Adam L. Oliver (R)

Chief of Police Village of Gilliam

  • Bobby J. Smith (D)

Aldermen Village of Gilliam

3 to be elected:

  • James A. Bickmore (Independent)
  • Marjorie Lynn Esque (No Party)
  • Susan Luccous (Independent)
  • Amy Malone (No Party)
  • Willie Walker Sr. (No Party)

Mayor Village of Mooringsport

  • Cynthia Clark (R)
  • Chester Coffman (R)
  • Tyler Gordon (Independent)
  • William Moore (R)

Chief of Police Village of Mooringsport

  • Janet Sowell (R)
  • Dennis Welch (R)

Council Member(s) Village of Mooringsport

3 to be elected:

  • Ashley Anderson (R)
  • J.P. Kennedy (R)
  • Joshua Welch (R)

Click here to see who qualified in races outside of Caddo Parish.

Election Day is November 8.