SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Pagie Hoffpauir wants your vote for a seat on the state of Louisiana’s BESE board, and she said that if elected she’ll put the power back into Louisiana classrooms by encouraging God’s freedom of purpose in all students & teachers.

Hoffpauir is a lifelong resident of Louisiana and believes it’s time to take the country back to its roots. She wants others to believe in her hope in Christ Jesus and says on her website that this nation has the opportunity to see the greatest turnaround since David and Goliath or Ester and Mordecai against Haman.

She believes that if the nation turns from wicked ways and acknowledges God and repent, God will turn the country around for His glory.

Hoffpauir is specifically asking to be elected into a place of authority on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) so she can take back the territory of justice, freedom, and liberty of the grounds of schoolhouse yards.

Hoffpauir wants the government to comply with the United States Constitution and allow freedom of speech and religion in public schools. She also says that every child has a right to learn about God and that it’s the duty of this generation not to be lost in confusion and the degeneration of one’s soul.

Hoffpauir explained that by being a community activist, she has cultivated patriotism and love for your neighbor as yourself in our neighborhoods and then reached out with God’s compassion growing in her heart to all the children in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“I’ve been serving children for the last 25 years. I’ve raised successful children.”

Hoffpauir said we need to grow up lifelong learners and innovators in their fields of study. And she believes we have been under attack.

“We have been under attack—our children—by an ideology, an indoctrination, restrictions from the federal government coming down and restricting the teachers from truly being able to teach them in the fundamentals of their education.”

In the Louisiana reformed educational system Hoffpauir proposes, she said she’d like to see free choice in where parents send their children to school.

“Our taxpaying money that we pay should be in the autonomy of a parent. If a parent wants to use it towards a private school, they can do that. Perhaps the private school allows the child to learn about God. If they want to go to a charter school, a public school, or if they want to homeschool—we’ve got to break the monopoly of children’s education. Therefore, all of these different ways children can be educated will begin to flourish. Public schools have a monopoly over education. Kids that don’t have a choice have to go to the school that’s assigned to them. If that school’s not offering all the different innovative ways of being taught to be successful, he’s at a great disadvantage.”

When asked how she would change public schools, Hoffpauir said she’d like to see freedom given to the parent.

“If the parent chooses to send the kid into more trade, more music, more science, more biblical study, that parent should have the autonomy to do that. They know their child. These prison cells we’ve made of big government and classrooms are restrictive is not the way for children to grow up into passionate community leaders, innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers; we’ve got to let them go.”

The BESE Board candidate said that anytime our local school systems receive money from the federal government, it comes with mandates and restrictions.

Hoffpauir said, “We’ve gotta raise up and come into the school system and liberate our children by giving them the truth and not taking the government money that would restrict us to do things a certain way. We can see the confusion our children are in at this point, and we’ve got to stop it on a local basis.”

For more information about Hoffpauir’s campaign, visit her website by clicking here.