CADDO PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Caddo Parish Registrar of Voters is working to fix a discrepancy that allowed hundreds of inaccurate absentee ballots to be sent to voters in the parish at the end of August.

Caddo Parish Registrar of Voters Dale Sibley says the issue resulted from inconsistencies between the maps and written information that the registrar’s office uses to move voters as prescribed by redistricting plans adopted by the Shreveport City Council.

Sibley says Shreveport Councilmembers Tabatha Taylor and Jerry Bowman contacted him regarding absentee ballots that showed incorrect council districts.

“We worked with them and the demographer to identify the specific precincts affected and discovered a discrepancy between the maps and written information provided to us that we use to relocate voters as the final step in the redistricting process,” Sibley said.

Seven of the parish’s voting precincts were affected, and about 800 of the 13,000 ballots mailed were incorrect. Sibley says the error in voter placement is a correctable mistake that the parish and Louisiana Secretary of State worked to resolve.

The voters who received the ballots were part of a group of eligible voters to register to receive absentee ballots automatically.

Some Caddo voters outside the Shreveport city limits received ballots that reflected races within the city limits.

Voters who received the inaccurate ballots will be contacted by the parish registrar’s office by phone and mail, informing them to destroy them, and they will get corrected ballots.

“Replacement ballots will be mailed out by Friday, and voters should receive them within two weeks. Voters who have not received replacement ballots by the end of September should contact the Caddo Parish registrar’s office.

Sibley said affected voters should get the updated ballots by mail within two weeks.

Voters who received their absentee ballots are encouraged to check them for accuracy.

“While we can identify broad areas where there are issues, we cannot identify all individual situations where a mistake may have been made. Because the process of Redistricting sometimes requires corrective steps, I encourage all voters to check their cards and mail ballots so we can remedy any problem before the November 8 election deadlines,” Sibley said.