SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Barbara Norton has spent twelve years of her life going back and forth between Shreveport and Baton Rouge as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. And though she said she had a lot to learn during those years, she did learn.

Now she is looking to represent District 39 in the Louisiana State Senate.

“Many people have contacted me stating that they’ve already voted for me,” Norton told KTAL NBC 6 News.

Norton said she is the only woman in this race, and that she believes the people need someone who has a voice, who cares about them, this community, and this state as a whole.

Barbara Norton announces run for Dist 39_1553182885717.jpg.jpg
Barbara Norton announcing her run for La. Senate in 2019. Image: KTAL files.

“When I look back at my twelve-year tenure in the House of Representatives, I’m the only candidate who has served 12 years in the House. I know without a doubt that we have to have someone who is willing to go to Baton Rouge to fight for people, to be the voice for the people.”

Norton said there are many things representatives have to do. And she also said that being able to work with others is critical.

“When I think about working with my colleagues from across the aisle, it’s important that we work together as one. Because we’re not supposed to be in Baton Rouge working for ourselves, we’re supposed to be working for the people.”

The former representative said that God loves all of us.

“He doesn’t leave anyone out, and we shouldn’t leave anyone out, too.”

Norton has introduced the issue of equal pay for women six times in Baton Rouge. She also said she’s the only legislator in Baton Rouge who has introduced a bill to lower the cost of insurance.

“Everything has gone up,” said Norton. “Medicine has gone up. But salaries are still the same—that money has not changed.”

Norton said she’s interested in introducing bills that will increase the minimum wage because “what people are making now and what they have to pay out does not match up at all.”

She also wants “to be there to make certain that our agencies receive the funding that they need, and wants to make sure that the state of Louisiana has more training programs, so when companies come into our city or our state, we have people who are prepared.”

According to Norton, at the end of the day, we all need to find balance so we can work together.

“As my pastor would say, we are better together. The only way we’re gonna move this state is that we work together and we show the love that we have for the people first, and then we show a love for the state of Louisiana. Because I believe that if we can build a bridge together, I believe we can look back and be proud of the state of Louisiana.”

Norton said her record sets her apart from the other candidates.

“My record is a record to show how much I care about the people in this community and in this city. I’m the only one that’s gonna fight for the people in Baton Rouge. I’ve always fought the fight. I’m standing in the gap to be that person.”

Louisiana votes on Saturday, October 14.