TEXARKANA, Ark. (KTAL/KSHV) — Police are warning residents about a new phone scam that has surfaced in the Texarkana area.

According to the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department, they have received several few reports about a scam that seems to be targeting the elderly. The scammer calls and says they are with the Texarkana Police Department. The scammer may also say that you have won some money or that you need to pay a fine.

TAPD said no matter what the scammer may tell you, the police department does not conduct business in this way. If this scammer calls you, please do not give them any personal information, bank card, or credit card numbers. Then follow up by reporting this to the police department.

If the number shows up on your caller ID, make sure the officer you report this to gets that number from you. This way, TAPD detectives can investigate the issue further.

TAPD said:

“The more people fall for these scams, the more the scammers will target our area. Let’s fight back by not becoming victims of these types of scams and reporting them to your local police department, so we can do our job in keeping everyone safe. If you have elderly family members, please talk with them about this type of scam. We want everyone to be prepared in case you or your family member are called.”