SABINE PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Two men were indicted by a Sabine Parish grand jury on second-degree murder after two residents died from fentanyl overdoses.

According to Sabine Parish Sheriff Aaron Mitchell, this is the first time someone has been charged with murder related to the sale of illicit drugs in the parish. Mitchell said it was a lengthy investigation to find the suspects.

Mitchell considers the parish a victim of the illegal drug crisis.

“Yeah, we’ve had two deaths for sure. And I hope we never have another one,” Mitchell said. “But thank God it’s not terrible. And I hadn’t seen an increase lately, but that doesn’t mean they’re not here.”

He said that while other communities have been hit harder, the parish has not been able to avoid the fentanyl crisis.

“It’s terrible. We’ve been blessed as far as the fentanyl. We’ve had three arrests for possession of fentanyl in the parish in the last year or so.” said Mitchell. ” Some parishes have had more dissonance. Bigger parishes with more people. It’s very dangerous.”

Mitchell wants to warn residents about illicit drugs in the area and remind them that safety from drugs is a top priority in Sabine.

‘It’s here now. It’s not major but it is here. And just do not take anything if you do not get it from a pharmacy, or doctor.” said Mitchell. ” We’re very proactive on street drugs. Which you may know. But we have a lot of ears and eyes out in the community. And when we see it, we jump on it and follow up leads and we make the arrest.”

Preston and Glynn, Jr. were booked in the Sabine Parish Detention Center where they await trial.
If the two are convicted. They face life without parole.

Preston’s bond is said to be set at 1 million dollars.