(WBAL/NBC NEWS) –A police officer has been charged with murder and child abuse in the death of his 15-year-old stepson.

Maryland authorities said Dasan James Edward “D.J.” Jones’ body was found on July 6 at the home of his stepfather, Eric Glen Banks Jr., who worked for the Baltimore Police Department. Court papers reveal a mother’s intuition led to the discovery of her unresponsive son inside her estranged husband’s home.

There is new and conflicting information in this case. Banks’ attorney believes this is not a homicide, but rather a suicide.

Initially, police said Banks told officers D.J. left the house, leaving his belongings behind. As officers checked the house, they found D.J. unresponsive hidden away in an upstairs attic crawlspace, police said.

“I can’t go into the specifics, but I can with confidence say (Banks) was very deceptive throughout the engagement,” Anne Arundel County Police Chief Amal Awad said.

Police said several officers took Banks into custody, during which time, he said, “My life is over,” and “Choke me.”

Police said both Banks and his stepson’s clothes were wet when officers arrived. They also found wet clothing that smelled of bleach inside a dresser.

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