LITTLE RIVER COUNTY, Ark. (KTAL/KSHV) – The Little River County Sheriff’s Department added a new “arrow” to its crime-fighting quiver – a tool that allows law enforcement to restrain a suspect from several feet away without violence, according to Little River County Sheriff Bobby Walraven.

Called a BolaWrap, the gadget is a hand-held remote device that works on the same principle as a lasso used by cowboys to catch cattle or horses only it’s a laser that deploys Kevlar wires that wrap around a person at a range of 10-25 feet, rendering him or her immobile.

“If we can use this device to restrain somebody long enough to get up to them and to get them cuff and get them secure then it has accomplished what I set out to do,” said Walraven.

Walraven said the resistance device soon will be carried by every member of the Little River County Sheriff’s Department.

“It has always been our mission in Little River County to treat people in our community with respect and I am proud to introduce to our residents a unique tool to further that goal,” Walraven said in a Facebook post.