GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD)— A Grambling State University student is currently behind bars, charged with sexual battery and carrying a gun on campus.

On August 16, 2021, authorities attempted to serve Jontavion Bradford, 18, a summons for Sexual Battery at his dorm room on GSU’s campus, but officers were unsuccessful.

According to a press release, Bradford was seen early by officers entering a dorm room of the first floor of the residential hall.

Officers went to the room and knocked on the door, and another subject answered. They asked if Bradford was inside, which the subject stated “yes” and told Bradford to come to the door.

Bradford walked to the door and was asked to step outside to issue him a summons. He did not comply and walked back inside the room and began digging in his pockets.

At this time, officers entered the room to see what Bradford was pulling out of his pockets for officer safety. They observed Bradford stand by the kitchen counter and began making fidgety movements by placing items inside a blue cereal box.

Officers say the heard a “metallic-click” and “thump” sound when the items were being placed inside the box. When they asked him what was placed inside the box, Bradford said it was his “Nintendo Switch”.

Jontavion Bradford

In plain sight beside the box was a clear silicone bag containing suspected marijuana. An officer picked up the cereal box and noticed it was heavy. Inside the box was a loaded light green SCCY CPX-1 9 mm with one round in the chamber.

Bradford was immediately advised of his rights and placed in handcuffs. As the officer was retrieving the firearm, Bradford said, ” it’s one round in the chamber”.

He went on to ask officers if it was ok with Federal Law to carry a concealed firearm and that he was aware firearms were not allowed on campus.

Bradford was transported to the Grambling State University Police Department for processing. While there he asked officers if family members can retrieve the firearm and pay the fine for the gun and suspected marijuana.

Officers say after being informed of his charges, Bradford denied possession of the marijuana and the handgun. Bradford was then booked into the Lincoln Parish Detention Parish system on the charges stated above.