SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – While Shreveport police, Louisiana State Police, U.S. Marshals and the FBI searched for 41-year old Taniel Cole inside St. Mary’s Hospital after he shot a man, family and friends coming to visit had to wait outside of the hospital while their loved ones were on lockdown inside.

Crystal Stumon was coming to visit her 6-year-old daughter, who was admitted Tuesday with breathing problems she says are non-COVID related. Stumon was coming to relieve her daughter’s father from watching her when she got a call from him inside shortly after the shooting Wednesday morning.

“He said that they weren’t going to let me in because there was an active shooting on the fourth floor above where they were. He said police was on their floor looking for the man. He didn’t know what actually happened,” said Stumon.

Stumon was directed across the street by police to wait outside. Her daughter’s father would frequently call and explain what was happening on the inside:

“I woke up to like guns drawn on me like… Police come into the room guns drawn and everything. I’m like, man. That’s crazy. Then, they just walked out. They said, ‘Stay in your room, and lock the door,’ and they walked out.”

Jason Weams says he was asleep in his bed when a close friend who is a nurse for St. Mary’s called and texted him about an active shooter inside the hospital. He came down to the hospital to wait on her.

“They had an active shooter on the floor above her. She said that she just saw some other nurses running and her supervisors instructed them to go and hide because there’s an active shooter. So she’s been texting me while hiding in I think a med room or some kind of closet.”

Officials searched from the basement to the top floor, but determined that Cole had left the scene. Once the hospital could be opened again, loved ones were reunited.

Cole was later captured near the Alabama state line after carjacking a woman near the hospital and taking her with him into Monroe, where she escaped. He reportedly took another vehicle and was headed into Alabama when he was taken into custody.