TEXARKANA, Texas. (KTAL/KMSS) — Texarkana police are asking the public to help them find three people accused of stealing several items from a cell phone store last month.

According to the Texarkana Texas Police Department, John Wayne Williams, Stacey Hughes, and Amber Bethea are wanted for misdemeanor theft.

It happened on Friday, May 7 at a Metro PCS store. Police say while Williams distracted a store employee at the counter, Hughes, and Bethea (along with Brandon Palmer who has already been arrested for this) took several items from the wall display and walked out the front door without paying for any of them.

Williams did not actually take anything himself, but officers say it was pretty obvious from the surveillance video that he was in on the plan as he continuously used his body as a shield to keep the employee from seeing what his friends were doing behind him. They all came in together and then left in the same car.

TTPD says Detective Jennifer Billingsley was able to identify them using the video and then got warrants for all of them. She has spoken to them on the phone about the warrants and received their word that they would come turn themselves in.

“Not altogether a big surprise that she’s still waiting on them to follow through with their promise though,” TTPD said in a Facebook post Thursday.

If anyone knows where Williams, Hughes, and Bethea is, please call TTPD at 903-798-3116.