SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The chair-turning voice of a competitor on NBC’s “The Voice” has Shreveport roots.

Jershika Maple said she went to Cherokee Park Elementary, and her parents and grandparents are from Shreveport. She’s apart of a military family who moved around and her dad retired in Killeen, Texas.

She spoke about her chair-turning moment and being called to audition for “The Voice.”

“I closed my eyes right when I got to that moment and when I opened my eyes to see two coaches had turned for me was just the most beautiful feeling in the world. I’m so glad they’re taking a chance on me,” Maple said.

“The year we had in 2020 with Covid breaking out was literally the worst thing ever and I was like nothing will hurt me going to do this opportunity. I’m so glad I said yes to it and look at me now,” Maple said.

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend both turned their chairs for her, and she choose Kelly to be her coach.

Maple will enter the “Voice Battles” on Monday and Tuesday night on NBC.