BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Bossier City Council has approved $3.5 million for street repairs across the city.

The Bossier City Council has made the first step in repairing roads in Bossier City. They have approved $3.5 million to fix neighborhood streets in five districts.

“It’s always been a million dollars, which two hundred thousand dollars per district and you might not get that two hundred thousand dollar, because these streets cost a lot to repave or asphalt over them,” said Councilman Don Williams, District 3.

Some of the money was already set aside by the finance director.

City council voted to move money from the riverboat trust fund, to the streets and drainage fund for the project. All council members submitted a list of streets in need of repair in each district.

“Probably about $12-15 million that we sent in. So, now we are going to try to narrow it down and prioritize what we want to do in our district.”

They are hoping to add $3.5 million to the project each year for the next five years.

“To finish some of these projects and every year we can add to our list that need to be done,” said Councilman Williams.

Councilman Don Williams says he submitted about five streets from his district.

Community members who live on Michael Street say the entire street needs to be replaced.

“It’ll mess up your alignment in your vehicle if you’re not careful,” said Olivia Maxwell neighbor on Michael Street.

“Them drains ain’t the best in the west, you know what I’m saying. They need to be,” said Lewis Hostetter neighbor on Michael Street.

“It seems like they have a lot of potholes, they have a lot of just damaged roads, I’ve gotten two flats just over the past two months and it wasn’t necessarily my fault,” said Tristan Bennett neighbor on Murphy street.

Olivia Maxwell says she can’t drive down the street straight due to potholes and when it rains, it’s worse.

“It also floods real bad anytime it rains a lot. The last time it rained really bad the water was literally up on the sidewalk,” said Maxwell.

The street repairs will begin around March 2021.