SHREVEPORT, LA (KTAL/KMSS) – As the heat continues to rise in the ArkLaTex, more people are depending on their Air Conditioning Units to stay cool, but the demand is creating challenges.

According to Benjamin Axson, the Service Manager of Southern Air AC company, the supply chain is so tight right now they are having to adapt to fulfill their customers’ needs.

“There’s a lot of equipment that we’re just trying to use different brands or whoever has it in stock because otherwise, we’ll be waiting weeks and months while we’re trying to serve our customers as quick as we can. So we’re doing what we can, but it’s a whole different situation than it was two years ago. We’re working hard to adapt.“

In addition to inflation, Axson says AC Units are not designed for 100-degree temperatures. He says it’s important to keep your filters cleaned and full of freon, especially if you have an older unit. Keeping them clean will maintain the temperatures you want while helping with your power bill.

“The cost of power is going up because the industry and economy is changing so much. But making sure the user maintains clean filters, keeping up with everything best you can, that’s some of the best things you could do right now.“

Lastly, he says not to set your thermostat too high. If you’re able to increase the temperature you keep your home at, it will decrease the amount you pay in electricity bills.