SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Bos-Man’s Barber College gave away free haircuts on Saturday during Ratchet City Music Fest, an event sponsored by Marvkevea’s Learning Center’s annual backpack and school supply giveaway.

Families waited in line at the Louisiana State Fairground for free backpacks, but they couldn’t let their kids leave without getting a haircut.

“It takes so much of the weight off and especially since they’re doing free haircuts. It’s just 90 % of the ‘get ready back to school’ is just been alleviated by an event like this, said Briesilva, a parent to three boys.
Dquon Morris, a barber at Bos-Man’s Barber College, said the event is crucial considering that we are still in a pandemic and now, inflation.

“A lot of parents that especially since the pandemic hit, they’re not as fortunate as some other people. So you know these events, their kids can get a haircut,” Morris said.

Haircuts at Bos-Man’s Barber College can cost up to $30 and $15 for children.

Another barber at Bos-Man’s said he can cut dozens of hair without getting tired.

“I don’t mind cutting. I cut all day long for free. If it’s the lord’s will. I can do it because I’m giving back to the community,” Zackariah Williams said.

Ashley Murray, a mother of four, said she needed the help badly as she is in the process of getting herself situated after moving into a new home.

“That’s why I bring them to events like this, so they can understand that people are trying to give back to the people who really need it. So it’s necessary. I am one of those people. I really needed help this year,” Murray said.

“I put a smile on everyone’s face, just seeing someone smile. I did something for that day. I made someone’s day, barber Corey Richard said.