GOULD, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Inmates at the Cummins Unit caused a disturbance Saturday, May 2, when they lit a trash can on fire and broke two windows, according to Solomon Graves with the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

No injuries have been reported.

It is not immediately clear if the barracks is one of those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak at the maximum-security prison.

In a statement Graves says:

“Our officers are still assessing the situation. Until their work is complete, providing a cause would be purely speculative. I does appear that the situation was contained to one barracks, with inmates breaking out windows and setting what is believed to be a trashcan on fire. We remain in full control of the facility, which has been on lockdown since mid-April as a part of our COVID response efforts. No staff were injured. No inmate injuries have been identified.”

The Governor announced Saturday that two inmates at Cummins died after becoming infected by the novel coronavirus in April.