LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A family in Little Rock having to brave the freezing temperatures, but not by choice.

Angela Craft and her family have been without heat during the historic snowfall. “We might as well have been sleeping outside,” said Craft.

The temperature inside their house on West 21st Street in Little Rock was 32 degrees. “There’s no heat in here, it’s like a deep freezer,” said Craft.

Angela Craft is a single mom of 13, with five kids still at home. Their ages ranging from 2-year-old to a pregnant 16-year-old. Three weeks ago, her family moved into a rental house, and right before the historic snowfall, the heater broke.

“If it was just me, I would have been okay and bit the bullet, but I have little bitty babies with a baby on the way,” said Craft. Craft said the heat went out on Sunday.

For two days the family huddled around a single heater in freezing temperatures. “A guy came and did something and it’s only temporary, it may go out he said,” said Craft.

The repairman told Craft they would be able to do a permanent fix once the snow melts.

As her kids cuddle up watching cartoons, Craft said she’s walking on thin ice praying the temperature doesn’t start dropping again. “At times you have to count your blessings. I didn’t have heat, but I had a roof,” said Craft.