(Loving Living Local) – Three State Harley-Davidson is excited to announce their upcoming Vintage Bike Show on Saturday, May 13th, featuring over 20 vintage motorcycles for visitors to enjoy. This year’s show celebrates the 120th year of Harley-Davidson. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming event!

A Celebration of Motorcycles

The Vintage Bike Show is a favorite event put on by Three State Harley-Davidson that draws motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country. Visitors can expect to see motorcycles of all kinds, including vintage models and rare finds, not just Harley Davidsons. The show encourages camaraderie between motorcycle enthusiasts and provides an opportunity for visitors to appreciate motorcycle culture and hangout with people who appreciate a good bike too.

  • Three State Harley-Davidson is hosting a Vintage Bike Show on May 13th.
  • Visitors can expect to see vintage motorcycles of all kinds.
  • The event also celebrates the 120th year of Harley-Davidson.

All Are Welcome

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend the Vintage Bike Show, including families. Visitors can enjoy food, drinks, and plenty of opportunities to socialize while admiring the motorcycles on display.

“We will have a couple hundred people including spectators. We usually see a couple hundred people,” Theresa, a representative of Three State Harley-Davidson and a motorcycle enthusiast said.

Learning to Ride

Also for those interested in learning to ride their own motorcycles, Three State Harley-Davidson is going to be offering an Academy to teach riders how to ride safely. The Academy is the perfect opportunity for new riders to learn the basics and build confidence before hitting the road. Riders will learn the right way to ride and overcome their fears, like the noise of the motorcycle.

“The noise is so easy to control when you learn the right way to ride,” Ronnie says.

Don’t miss Three State Harley-Davidson’s Vintage Bike Show on May 13th and don’t forget to get more information on the event and the Academy!