(Loving Living Local) – Academy Award-winning artist Joe Bluhm is set to premiere an exciting new showcase with Shreveport Regional Arts Council at Artspace called “CUMULUS.” This showcase will delve deep into the love, care, and messages that Bluhm infuses into his art. Originally planned as a fine art show, Bluhm decided to shift focus and highlight his work in the realms of animation and children’s books.

Influences and Inspirations

Bluhm’s journey as an artist has been heavily influenced by animation and children’s book illustrators. His work with mentor William Joyce provided invaluable learning experiences. Through his art, Bluhm aims to spread warmth and positivity, especially during challenging times.

The Journey to Shreveport

Originally from Pennsylvania, Bluhm has made Shreveport his home for the past 14 years. He initially moved away to pursue independent projects and direction but returned after meeting his wife. His story proves that it’s possible to work on a global scale while living in any city.

Building Connections in the Industry

For those aspiring to make a mark in the art industry, Bluhm stresses the importance of forming and maintaining connections. Meeting artists at comic conventions and keeping in touch with them can open up opportunities down the line.

The Art of Caricature

In his collection “Rejects,” Bluhm showcases his unique style of drawing caricatures and art that wasn’t necessarily accepted or celebrated. He believes that caricatures are simplified, distorted memories of people that highlight their unique features.

A Sneak Peek into “CUMULUS”

CUMULUS” promises to be a fascinating exploration of Bluhm’s work and his journey as a visual storyteller. The exhibition will feature pieces from his children’s books and other works. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness his art at artspace in Shreveport, starting August 11, 2023.