SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Southern University of Shreveport educates us on Polysomnography Technology and the importance of sleep.

Colton Wiggins the PSGT Program Director, states “Polysomnography Technology is where we record various types of sleep studies. And so a person will come in and we’ll record if they kick their legs, how the breathing is done the sleep stages. So anything that encompasses sleep.”

Sleep technologists are the frontline workers of sleep. They primarily conduct diagnostic testing such as sleep studies for people who struggle with narcolepsy. They work with patients when they go home, for instance, CPAP masks, and work with guardians and kids trying to learn pediatric sleep cycles because that’s the challenge in and of itself.

This new SUSLA’s program is only two programs currently in the state of Louisiana and accepts students every January. The application period is open now until about mid-October. The program consists of four semesters and the majority of it is done online.

“So we geared it towards people who are working because that’s where we see most people coming into the field because they just don’t know about it until they’re already working, it’s four semesters, majority of its online and you can do it at your own pace within the semester timeframe and then you’ll graduate in 18 months and may and be able to go and be a sleep technologist,” states Wiggins.

Fort more information call (318) 670-9620 or go online to learn more about this flexible program.