(Loving Living Local)- Owners of the No Ceilings Crossfit gym discuss their classes, training opportunities, and membership.

‘Crossfit’ often feels like an intimidating word used exclusively by toned athletes to describe their impossible workout regimen. But No Ceilings Crossfit says NO! The gym wants to help this high-intensity interval training that focuses on strength and conditioning to be more accessible to the masses.

No Ceilings Crossfit celebrated their grand opening on May 30, 2022, at 502 Anderson Avenue in
Shreveport, Louisiana. The gym offers small group environment classes Monday through Friday as well as open gym time with coaches always nearby. During a CrossFit class, you could do weight lifting, body lifting, rope climbing, rowing, and aerobic exercising. If you have never done a CrossFit class, have no fear! No Ceilings Crossfit will put you through a class called “Fundamentals” which consists of four one-on-one sessions walking you through each aspect of the Crossfit workout.

On Saturdays, the gym offers Community workouts and outdoor workouts. The community workouts are held at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings and are free for the community to attend. ‘Thinking outside of the box’ (in reference to the gym being called a ‘box’), is a chance to get out of the gym and participate in an outdoor workout.

In addition to monthly memberships, No Ceilings Crossfit also offers drop-in classes. If you are interested in checking them out but still feel intimidated you can sign up for your first class for free on their website or participate in a ‘no sweat intro’ which allows you to meet the coaches and learn more about the gym.