SPONSORED CONTENT (Black Bird Bathhouse in Marshall, TX) — Today, we are talking all things skin care with our friend Raven Lenz, owner of Black Bird Bathhouse in Marshall, TX.

When you’re looking at face soaps Charcoal and Rose Water are probably the first two you will see, but they do different things. At Black Bird Bathhouse these soaps are handmade with a honey base designed to nourish your skin and target different needs. The charcoal face soap is better for dealing with acne, and drawing out impurities, while the rose water soap is better for calming and soothing the skin.

The best thing about these amazing products is the fact that are free of harsh dyes and chemicals, so they are hand crafted to help and not hurt your skin.

If you are looking for quality skin care products this season, Black Bird Bathhouse is where you will find them.

They are located at 311 N Washington Ave. in Marshall, TX, or you can visit them online at blackbirdbathhouse.com.