SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Better Hearing Systems of Northwest Louisiana offers free ear check events in both their locations, in Bossier-City and in Shreveport.

Sarah Smith, owner of Better Hearing Systems of Northwest Louisiana and a licensed audiologist, shares “we have a video otoscope so we’ll look in your ear, first of all, to make sure there’s no wax or anything in your ears nothing blocking it and you’ll actually get to see what we’re looking at on the tv screen itself so you’ll get to see in your ear and then we put you in the booth and we’ll run some hearing test.”

Better Hearing Systems of Northwest Louisiana goes a step further than just running beep tests to see how loud or soft your hearing is, they do some speech testing. Smith states “we wanna know if you have a hearing loss, how well is your understanding and depending on that, how well you would have success with hearing aids.”

“Recommended if you are around that 40 or 50 years of age or more mature than that then come in and get this screening just as at least a baseline to see what’s going on or if you’ve worked around noise, that’s always a good time to go get it checked or if the tv is up a little louder,” Smith advises.

Financing is available if needed. Smith states “We always check with insurance, some insurance cover hearing aids, some don’t but if it does we’ll definitely file that benefit for you and then we do offer payment plans. So we have 12 months of no interest financing Or we can go up to 36 months if you needed.”

Two convenient locations in Shreveport at 1810 E 70th Street and in Bossier-City at 1000 Chinaberry Drive Suite 103.

Take advantage of the free consultation and free demonstrations, which are valued at $175, for the newest and latest hearing technology. To book your free consultation and for more information, call (318) 759-7908 or visit Better Hearing Systems of Northwest Louisiana online.

Better Hearing Systems of Northwest Louisiana, hearing healthcare you can trust.