(Loving Living Local) – In a community as vibrant as ours, it’s a privilege to have a symphony, ballet, and active community theater. These cultural institutions, including the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, offer us the opportunity to appreciate the arts right here in our community. Michael Butterman, the conductor of the Shreveport Symphony, shared some exciting details about their upcoming season.

Opening the Season with Simone Porter

The season kicks off with the talented violinist Simone Porter, who has been making headlines across the classical world. The orchestra will be performing Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, one of the best-known works in classical music. This promises to be a dynamic way to start the season, offering audiences a thrilling musical experience.

Celebrating Elvis with Victor Trevino

Victor Trevino, often referred to as the “Elvis of the show,” brings the timeless music of Elvis Presley to the symphony. Given Elvis’s historical connection to Shreveport, this performance is sure to resonate with local audiences and draw in those who may not have previously attended a symphony concert.

Commemorating Gershwin with Jeffrey Biegel

This year marks the 100th anniversary of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and pianist Jeffrey Biegel will be presenting a partner piece called Rhapsody. This nationwide initiative includes representation from all 50 states, including Louisiana, linking our local symphony to a broader musical celebration.

Showcasing Composer Richard Stefano

Richard Stefano, a composer known for his unique use of the accordion-like instrument, will be featured in a performance of his work “A World Without Evil.” This miniature feature promises to offer something a little different for audiences, demonstrating the range and versatility of the symphony.

Celebrating Cinematic Music with John Williams

John Williams’s movie scores, known for their lush strings and powerful brass, will be showcased in a celebration of cinematic music. From Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Star Wars and Harry Potter, audiences can look forward to hearing these iconic scores performed live.

More Than Just Concerts

In addition to the main concert series, the Shreveport Symphony will also host a rock concert backed by the symphony, a chamber music series, a family concert in October, and discovery concerts for elementary school children in January. There’s truly something for everyone.

Join in on the Shreveport Symphony’s New Season

With such a diverse and exciting lineup, the upcoming season of the Shreveport Symphony is not to be missed. Tickets are available on the Shreveport Symphony website from the end of August. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this magical musical journey.